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New GoPro Super Hero lens solutions from SeeSense

5 August 2014
New GoPro Super Hero lens solutions from SeeSense

Miniature camera solution specialist SeeSense has announced the availability of the new Ribcage system enabling fitting of C and CS-mount lenses on to GoPro cameras.

The Ribcage system allows GoPro users to fit a range of lenses onto GoPro Hero and Hero3+ Black cameras. Ribcage comes in a do-it-yourself modification kit; alternatively SeeSense can supply a GoPro3+ Black Ribcage or convert a user’s own camera.

“Ribcage enables you to fit pretty much any lens you could want on to your GoPro,” said SeeSense managing director Nigel Paine. “It will accept C-mount, CS-mount and M12 mount straight on to the camera. You can also breathe life into your old manual SLR lenses from Nikon, Canon or Pentax, etc with the use of an adaptor. Ribcage comes complete with CS and C-mount adapters as well as the option to remove the IR cut filter for specialist use including night filming, astronomy, etc. It also comes fitted with a three position tripod mounting plate, something you never saw on a GoPro.”


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