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New Fujinon lens targets OB

17 June 2013
New Fujinon lens targets OB

The new Fujinon 2/3rd inch format XA99x8.4 field production HD lens features an ultra wide angle field of view, plus 99x extreme zoom range for long distance, high magnification, close-in images.

With a high quality, optically stabilised performance combined with rugged, reliable construction, the XA99x8.4 is billed by the company as ideal for the most demanding live sports and other OB productions.

The Fujinon OS-TECH image stabilisation system, employed in the XA99x8.4 as standard, detects any vibration caused by wind or an unstable platform and instantly corrects the optical system to maintain a stable image – even at maximum telephoto range.

The new lens offers maximum creativity in OB productions. High resolution 16-bit encoders in the XA99x8.4 make the lens suitable for virtual, robotic and digital control applications. Also, Fujinon’s GO-Technology improves image resolution and chromatic aberrations at all focal lengths, and an advanced back focus system allows very close-up macro shots.

Incorporated in the XA99x8.4 is Fujinon’s FIND diagnostic system, providing an aid in maintenance and troubleshooting and keeping any costly downtime to a minimum. In addition, Fujinon’s dustproof and anti-fogging design reduces dust and moisture and helps maintain long term reliability and optimum performance – very important when shooting in all the types of weather conditions encountered in live field productions.

Fujinon’s new HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating) technology is another feature of the XA99x8.4 design, resulting in richer colours and greatly improved blue response and transmittance. Moreover, combined with Fujinon’s Aspheric Technology (AT), Fujinon’s HT-EBC also reduces ghosting and flare.

Like other lenses in the XA product line, the XA99x8.4 provides Fujinon’s DigiPower digital control features for increased production flexibility, including F-number Limit, Quick Zoom, and Two-shot Preset. Fujinon’s Precision Focus (PF) – for instantly bringing images into perfect focus – can be provided as an option.

The focal length of the XA99x8.4 is 8.4 to 832 mm, increasing to an extreme 1664 mm with its built-in 2x extender. Maximum relative aperture is F1.7 up to 341 mm and F4.2 at 832 mm. MOD is 2.9 m from the front of the lens; and dimensions are 264 x 258 x 610 mm, with a weight of 24.8 kg.

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