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New flexible analyser from Pixelmetrix

8 April 2008

Pixelmetrix is launching the DVStation-Mini TSP at NAB, a portable transport stream analyser that also provides test, measurement and monitoring at a sub $6000 show price. Target applications are DTV compliance testing for terrestrial broadcasting, cable headend testing and compliance, and satellite uplink contribution and distribution.

The DVStation-Mini TSP has a single test input of ASI or SMPTE-310 and can be used as a portable test device with easy to carry handle, or as a 1RU rack-mounted unit. Signals can be monitored over a LAN or internet connection using a simple web browser (supporting Mac and PC) or VNC remote user interface, which supports up to four users plus a shared mode for collaboration with others.

“Although the DVStation-Mini is ideal for cable, satellite and broadcasters, it is especially essential for American broadcasters in the final phases of converting to digital broadcasting,” said Phil Dubs, vice president, sales, North America. “It is vital for broadcasters to test the compliance of their signal before it is aired. The DVStation-Mini makes a brilliant device for testing the station output to ensure that the digital signal meets all the quality and integrity standards.”

Measuring 13.5 by 1.5 inches and weighing only 5.7 pounds, the DVStation-Mini offers a full suite of transport stream analysis and monitoring tools – displaying video thumbnails and critical audio and video parameters in a concise and clear format. A simple user interface minimises the learning curve, while its robust software allows users to drill down to examine errors.

Using the same Emmy-award winning technology as the full size DVStation, the DVStation-Mini is based on the Linux operating system, ensuring long term stability. It also supports DVB, ATSC and Digicipher protocols for extreme flexibility.

The unit features a shock-mounted internal hard drive that withstands hard mobile use and supplied programmable GPIs and SNMP for integration with large network management systems. The DVStation-Mini is also available as a PSK model, featuring an L-band input.

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