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New features for Visual Unity Global’s vuMobile

23 January 2014
New features for Visual Unity Global’s vuMobile

OTT platform and multiscreen service provider Visual Unity Global has announced version 4.0 of their cloud-based mobile web publishing and mobile marketing platform, vuMobile. The new release will allow users to publish a responsive web-design more quickly.

vuMobile version 4.0 will include a number of key features. The Mobile Screen Editor enables a responsive web-design which covers any resolution and screen size from mobile phones to 4K smart TVs. The vuMobile platform introduces a new m-commerce plugin, supporting multiple global payment gateways so that users can incorporate shopping carts into their responsive websites. Finally, the new Loyalty mobile card programme for SMBs aims to help partners grow their customer portfolio.

“This new platform will make it significantly easier and more efficient for end users to publish websites that fit all screen sizes and resolutions,” said Tomas Petru, CEO of Visual Unity Global. “This includes support for feature phones through to smart phones, tablets and the latest 4K televisions. The vuMobile platform quickly builds a mobile web presence, without the need for expensive IT resources.”

Chief marketing and corporate strategy officer, Gabriel Dusil added:“We have implemented a responsive design, based on extensive feedback from our customers and partners, and to follow the latest trends in multiscreen internet browsing. Building on our experience in video broadcasting, Visual Unity will continue to develop the vuMobile platform, and help broadcasters, ISPs, and web-hosting providers, to implement effective and measurable mobile campaigns.”

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