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New editing house for Soho

24 August 2006

Baraka Post Production is launching CHOP, a dedicated offline editing facility, which will open its doors at the end of the month.

The company now has four cutting rooms in its Greek Street premises and is staffed by experienced and respected editors ,namely David Freemantle, Matthew Hall and Caroline Sarin. Further recruitment will take place at CHOP over the coming months. CHOP will edit projects across a number of disciplines including broadcast projects, commercials and feature films.

Baraka stresses that editing is not about the kit but about the people that uses it. “Anyone can go to the high street and buy an inexpensive editing system, but that doesn’t make them an editor; (to use the analogy – buying a pen doesn’t make them William Shakespeare for example!). Even companies that have in-house editing facilities still use external facilities for their premier work,” David Cox, Joint MD at Baraka explained.

Projects will be supervised by CHOP’s Senior Producer, Ross Culligan. “I will manage work from the quotation stage through to advising on best post routes right through to handing over onto online, grading and audio, providing the highest quality service throughout the entire post production process for our clients,” said Culligan, who will also oversee both the acquisition of new business and the smooth transfer of CHOP editing work into Baraka’s finishing and special effects suites.

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