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New DSLR pan tilt head for MRMC

16 November 2012
New DSLR pan tilt head for MRMC

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) has revealed its latest DSLR pan tilt head. The Robo-head has an aluminium construction with a 4kg/9lb payload, it is Ethernet controlled and it incorporates a built-in web-server. The product’s controller is also built-in. The Robo-head benefits from fully encoded servomotors, a 12V Battery, Interface to Flair motion control software, ports for additional lens motors, and track/dolly options, claims the company. Flair software is designed for getting the exact move required in as little time as possible. It has a mathematical model of the rig and can automatically adjust focus and trigger the camera at any point in the move. MRMC is taking the first 100 pre-orders

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