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New Delhi TV standardises on Kahuna

12 November 2007

Indian broadcaster New Delhi Television (NDTV) has purchased six 4-M/E Kahuna SD/HD multiformat production switchers from Snell & Wilcox to support its new NDTV Metro Nation and current news channels. The technology is designed to future-proof operations and ensure the reliability of the station’s broadcast to five metropolitan areas, writes Andy Stout.

NDTV said it chose to the Kahuna because it can be upgraded easily and will be an asset to our business for a long time, said NDTV Senior Technology Officer Jay Chauhan. “Mission critical reliability was another important factor for us, and based on our experience with Snell & Wilcox products, we are confident about Kahuna’s performance, its reliability, and accompanying support.

“With its intuitive control surface, the Kahuna production switcher will allow operators at NDTV to come up to speed quickly in producing live programming, and the stable operation of the system will ensure round-the-clock productivity. The Kahuna’s format flexibility provides a future-proof solution that will accommodate further growth of NDTV’s broadcast operations.

NDTV already employs Snell & Wilcox switchers, image processing, and IQ Modular infrastructure gear at its facilities in New Delhi. The six new switchers will serve as the workhorses behind NDTV’s Metronation channels. NDTV will begin using each Kahuna system in SD-only mode, but the switcher’s HD upgrade path, which enables multiformat SD/HD use or HD-only use, gives the broadcaster future flexibility in working with and combining the two formats.

Two of NDTV’s Kahuna systems incorporate IMPAKT option, which offers operators timesaving premade effects and the ability to work in source-based or bus-based modes, enabling both background and fill-and-key manipulation.

“NDTV has always been known for its willingness to invest in new technology, and the company’s Kahuna purchase demonstrates its continued leadership in adopting advanced broadcast solutions,” said Joe Zaller, VP, strategic marketing, Snell & Wilcox. “As India’s broadcast market continues to grow and evolve, NDTV will be equipped to maintain a high production standard for its news and information programming.”

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