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New compact all-in-one HD streamer, recorder from Haivision

20 June 2011
New compact all-in-one HD streamer, recorder from Haivision

The Viper – video networking, digital signage and IP video distribution solution provider Haivision’s fifth-generation H.264 technology – is a compact integrated appliance for capturing, streaming, reviewing, distributing and publishing multi-stream HD and computer graphics content.

The Viper simplifies the recording and streaming of multi-stream content through a high-resolution touch panel. It is suitable for capturing and streaming presentations, lectures, simulations, training sessions, and other events where a single camera source is insufficient to reflect the subject matter. The device, supporting dual DVI or DVI with HD-SDI inputs, encodes and captures rich content generated by a computer as HD H.264 at full frame rate. There is no need to upload content files to a server.

High-performance encoding hardware – building on the company’s Makito technology – is used to capture and stream two synchronous channels of HD and/or computer sources. It can be deployed with Haivision’s Furnace IP video system to reduce the reliance on high-powered networks and central recording servers.

The Viper can also be used as a stand-alone complete IP video server system (ViperMAX). With ViperMAX, users throughout a facility can watch live multi-stream events or review rich media presentations on demand using Haivision’s patented InStream player technology.

Peter Maag, Haivision’s executive vice-president, commented: “Compact and fanless, the Viper is an easy-to-use, ultra-reliable appliance. Today’s challenge across all industries is to build asset libraries by making the capture process as easy as possible and to capture the true essence of any event. The Viper addresses these challenges head on by combining ease of use with multistream H.264 technology.”

Stand No: 13.451

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