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New Canon HJ lens is the ‘Premium Standard’

13 March 2012

With its focal length of 6.2~106mm, extra wide-angle and a shorter MOD, the Canon HJ17ex6.2B takes on the role as the ‘Premium Standard’ 2/3” HD camera lens and further strengthens the line-up of Canon’s HJ lenses. Its 6.2~106mm focal length is 1.4mm (18%) wider than the HJ17ex7.6B and is the widest in the Standard lens class. It’s a high performing solution for when a wider and closer shot is required, providing both convenience and the opportunity to capture creative images. The new Canon HJ17ex6.2B lens’s MOD (Minimum Object Distance) is shorter by 0.16 when compared to the HJ17ex7.6B. This gives the operator more flexibility when capturing a closer image is required. It is a great performer in close-up interview situations or in closer object shooting. With high precision aspherical and Hi-UD glass, aberrations and distortions are kept to an absolute minimum. The lens is designed to deliver superb optical performance throughout its whole focal range and also provide high resolution and contrast at any object distance. Its drive unit is ergonomically designed and user friendly. A variety of customisation is available through Canon’s unique Display Function. Examples of the functions that can be set up to suit the operator’s preferences include an assignable switch and zoom speed adjustment. Up to 9 different settings in total can be memorised. 3D configuration setting is also possible through the display. Responding to the demand for HD content, the growth in HD Broadcasting is continuous and with emerging countries now moving to the format, transition is an on-going process. With the introduction of the new Canon HJ17ex6.2B HDTV Standard lens for 2/3” cameras, Canon continue to meet, if not exceed, the demands of all concerned: viewers, broadcasters and operators.


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