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New broadcast management platform online in Cyprus

5 March 2012

Sigma Television, the successful free to air broadcaster in Cyprus, has implemented a Provys broadcast management system. The new technology covers advertising sales, programme planning, rights management and a programme library. The project was initiated by the need for Sigma to move to a new building. The opportunity was taken to investigate new workflows to maximise business efficiency. Sigma’s sister station in Greece, Star Channel, had already implemented the Provys management system to good effect. The project was handled by Greek systems integrator Telmaco. The contract covered infrastructure design, equipment supply and integration with existing systems, workflow design and training. The whole project covered two production control rooms, a new continuity studio, newsroom and news editing and the archive as well as the Provys channel management. “When I saw Provys for the first time I was amazed by the range of features,” said Andreas Demetriades, IT manager at Sigma. “I saw two major issues that helped us decide. First, it covers more possibilities that we can foresee today and gives us peace of mind for the future. “Second, we needed a strong tool to replace our former airtime sales application. Provys sent qualified professionals not only to complete the project but to help our people get familiar with this extensive new tool.” Drossos Kyriazis of systems integrator Telmaco added that the design is built around a standard broadcast industry approach, allowing any qualified staff to quickly familiarise themselves with the system and operate it instantly. “I see the beauty of Provys in its workflow-oriented design,” he said.


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