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New BPM, HSM and MAM

4 March 2013
New BPM, HSM and MAM

Tedial Tarsys now includes specific features for cloud-based environments and service providers as well as multi-repository and multi-site support. Tedial will be showing enhanced web-based technology for Tarsys, which features a unified UI for users to access content and workflow management from a single screen. Casual or expert operators can easily locate content and initiate workflows to process selected media, for instance simple editing, or transcoding. Ficus has evolved to include Business Process Management capabilities and now features an improved workflow creation capability using standard BPM notation and associated tools to create new workflows or to improve existing ones. The new version makes it possible to access workflows across multiple sites enabling broadcasters to re-allocate tasks based on local technical or human resources or to take advantage of available expertise across the enterprise and beyond to third-party facilities. With the help of Tedial’s content exchange software Media Amigo, Tedial will demonstrate its capability to deliver cloud solutions. Following a recent major project linking five independent Scandinavian broadcasters, Tedial has created what is effectively a private cloud allowing free exchange of programmes for subsequent transmission. N5833

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