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New Autostart feature for Genelec 4000 Series

2 November 2012
New Autostart feature for Genelec 4000 Series

Genelec has developed a new Autostart feature that guarantees compliance with the Energy Related Products (ERP) Directive 2009/125/EC, which establishes minimum eco-design requirements for energy related products and comes into force on 6 January 2013. The directive requires that standby power consumption for any product is under 0.5W. The new feature is available on products from across the Genelec monitor portfolio, including the 4000 Series, which is designed specifically for the fixed installation market. “The responsibility for compliance with this directive rests with product manufacturers,” said Lars-Olof Janflod, marketing and PR director at Genelec. “We’ve decided to embrace the new regulation and take it as an opportunity to further advance the technical capabilities of our monitors. The Autostart feature ensures our monitors meet the power consumption requirements for standby and off mode and typifies how we now embed environmental thinking into our product designs.”

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