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New Amazon Fire TV stick brings Alexa to UK TV screens

21 February 2017
New Amazon Fire TV stick brings Alexa to UK TV screens

Amazon is launching a new version of its Fire TV stick which will bring the company’s voice-controlled assistant, Alexa, to the TV screen.

It is the first time Alexa has been compatible with Fire TV in the UK.

The new version of the £40 Fire TV Stick, which plugs into a TV’s HDMI port and can stream shows from Netflix, iPlayer, Prime Video and others, comes with a microphone-enabled remote.

It will enable users access to voice controls and search for movies, music and TV shows, as well as performing Alexa’s other skills, allowing users to check their commute and find out the weather forecast.

As well as the Alexa assistant, users of the new Fire TV stick will be able to use their voice to search for shows, and pause, rewind and fast forward what they are watching.

Amazon says the new version of the Fire TV Stick is also 30 per cent faster and has a better Wi-Fi connection. It replaces the previous version, which was the bestselling single product on Amazon last year.

The new Amazon Fire TV stick is available to order from today and will be released on 6 April.

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