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News upgrades social TV app

21 August 2012 upgrades social TV app has upgraded its Prompter app, which is designed to give on-camera talent the ability to use social media and interactive content on the job. Prompter V2 enables presenters to receive, view and publish realtime social media content while on the air. "The on-air talent is on the front line of interaction with the audience, and that position carries with it enormous potential for increasing viewer engagement and influencing the direction of a broadcast," said Zachary Weiner, director of global marketing. "This new version of Prompter gives the people in front of the camera a more robust arsenal of tools for journalistic storytelling." Incoming comments such as tweets and polling results are pushed directly into Prompter on a presenter’s iPad. From there, Prompter V2 enables presenters to publish that social commentary themselves while on the air to home audiences in realtime, as opposed to sending the comments through the editorial and production departments for publishing.

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