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Netia helps safeguard French film heritage

17 January 2011
Netia helps safeguard French film heritage

Netia’s R&D team is leading the wide-ranging CineCast project to promote France’s film heritage, facilitate its discovery and contributions to it by the public, and explore new cultural practices.

As the French government focuses on the digitization of educational media, the CineCast platform will develop a suite of generic and innovative tools aimed at all content suppliers of the digital age: TV, video-sharing sites, subscription program packages, archives, libraries, VoD, and social media sites.

"Today’s video-sharing tools and social media sites provide an exciting new way for audiences to engage with media from France’s rich film history," said Vincent Puig of IRI (French Institute for Research and Innovation). "The powerful array of media and metadata management tools provided by Netia will be vital to our success in involving the public in a richer, more dynamic experience of watching, discussing, and interacting with media."

CineCast brings together 17 research laboratories, cultural institutions, and technology and content companies in an unprecedented consortium. The project is designed to move audiences toward film-focused social media and onto video-sharing sites; facilitate VoD broadcasting over the Web or IPTV on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis; enable selective broadcasting in digital cinemas; and support new programs and educational and library services. Within the platform being developed, Netia’s media asset management system will simplify the indexing, browsing, management, archiving, and distribution of media.

"As CineCast industrializes the process of making digital media readily available via social networks and various Web-based portals, we can offer a range of intuitive media and metadata management tools that streamline this process," said Florent Barbare, R&D project manager, Netia. "We’re very pleased to be playing a central role in this effort to educate and engage media consumers and film fans across France."

With the help of Netia for end-to-end media management of even the most complex content distribution environments, CineCast will be positioned to leverage the editorial and document-engineering know-how of the main French film libraries and of the leading film social medium AlloCiné, as well as automatic image analysis technologies and social engineering tools, to establish new media practices and services and to stimulate new individual and collective film experiences.

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