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Netflix utilises advances in Dolby Vision

7 January 2014
Netflix utilises advances in Dolby Vision

Dolby Laboratories has introduced new Dolby Vision imaging technology that aims to help deliver true-to-life brightness, colours, and contrast by augmenting the fidelity of Ultra HD and HD video signals for OTT online streaming, broadcast, and gaming applications. Netflix are among the partners “excited to take advantage of advances in picture quality throughout the delivery pipeline, from developing new programming to helping partners create consumer products that display it in stunning richness,” said Neil Hunt, chief product officer, Netflix.

"By dramatically enhancing picture quality, Dolby Vision will drive adoption of UHD 4K displays with a winning combination of more and better pixels," commented Hao E, vice president, TCL Corporation, and CEO, TCL Multimedia.

Most TV shows and movies are recorded using camera technology that captures the colours and brightness of real life, though much of this richness is lost by the time consumers get to watch. Dolby Vision aims to change this by allowing creative teams to use the full gamut of colours, peak brightness, and local contrast.

Dolby Vision works as a solution from content creation to distribution and playback, and is receiving support from Hollywood directors, studio executives, TV manufacturers, and operators worldwide. Partners for movies and television shows in Dolby Vision are currently expected to include Microsoft Xbox Video, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and VUDU.

"Dolby Vision is an exciting step forward in delivering much more compelling and realistic video, and we’re excited by the possibility of bringing this technology to Amazon customers," said Jim Freeman, vice president of Digital Video, Amazon. "There is still work to be done to bring together the right mix of hardware, content, and streaming technology, and we look forward to working with great partners like Dolby to make that happen. Together, we will aim to give customers the highest-fidelity movie and TV experience possible."

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