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“Netflix effect” shortening release windows

26 April 2016
“Netflix effect” shortening release windows

Netflix’s dominance has seen international release windows dramatically shorten, according to the latest IHS research.

Analysis found that the average window between UK and international release was 37 days, down from 102.

The change, according to IHS, is due to the increasing roll out of online platforms, combined with the strategy of pay-TV platforms to migrate series quickly to their home markets.

IHS stated, “Research clearly indicates that ‘the Netflix effect’—the policy of the streaming service to launch its originals simultaneously across all of its territories—has transformed the TV distribution business over the last couple of years.”

The researcher tracked the distribution of original US series to the international market by analysing how quickly they migrate to four key territories: the UK, Australia, France and Germany.

The biggest change was found to be in France, where the average window from US release was only 32 days, compared to 159 in 2014/2015.

Australia was 37 days compared to 120 in 2014/2015, with Germany down to 61 days from 170.

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