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Net Insight’s media solutions for new core network upgrade for Arqiva

8 March 2013
Net Insight’s media solutions for new core network upgrade for Arqiva

Arqiva Satellite & Media has selected Net Insight for an extension of its existing Nimbra-based media network. The media network from Net Insight enables Arqiva to operate efficiently through a single platform and to bring new services to its broadcast customers in a cost-efficient way. The new core network enables Arqiva to provide uncompressed media services between its main core uplink locations in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for these types of services from its clients. By extending with Net Insight, Arqiva has the flexibility to offer bulk delivery of ASI, IP, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and JPEG2000 compressed versions of SD, HD and 3G SDI, from any port to any port in its core network and in any direction, be it unicast or multicast. By upgrading the core network Arqiva increases capability to provide bulk uncompressed media services. Delivery took place during 2012 and the network will be operational during the first quarter of 2013. The extension adds new Nimbra core nodes utilising 160G Switches and 10G trunks at its main uplink locations as well as JPEG2000 Video Access modules. In total Arqiva now has more than 160 Nimbra nodes installed across Europe and the USA. “This enables us to have a single platform which can be configured on a port by port basis to adapt to the media needs of our clients,” said John Bozza, sales director, Europe at Arqiva. "The Nimbra platform offers a cost efficient and flexible solution for expansion and resiliency purposes.”

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