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Net Insight launches 8K solution at IBC2014

5 September 2014
Net Insight launches 8K solution at IBC2014

At IBC2014 next week, Net Insight will demonstrate how its Nimbra solution enables 8K signals to be split up and sent over multiple links, such as GE links, offering broadcasters and service providers the opportunity to transport UHD content without the need to upgrade infrastructure.

Net Insight will also highlight its solution’s quality and lossless compression, in addition to its 1+1 protection switching, designed to ensure perfect video delivery, even in the event of network or equipment failure.

At IBC2007, Net Insight demonstrated the worlds’ first multicast of uncompressed 4K video streams over a public transport network, which was honoured with a Best of IBC 2007 award.

“Net Insight continues to provide innovative solutions meeting service providers and broadcasters current and future needs,” said Martin Karlsson, vice president, product portfolio at Net Insight. “By the end of 2014, Net Insight will not only be able to deliver 8K transport to the broadcast community, but do it in a cost-effective manner over existing IP infrastructure avoiding costly rip-and-replace implementations.”


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