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Net Insight helping broadcasters to find new ways of thinking

13 September 2011
Net Insight helping broadcasters to find new ways of thinking

“The new working paradigms that our Nimbra platform can enable really require new ways of thinking by broadcasters,” according to Per Lindgren, VP of business development for Net Insight. “As such, we often find ourselves evangelising as much as we’re talking about Nimbra.”

On the company’s stand at IBC is a compelling demonstration by TeliaSonera of remote workflow, showing how the availability of high quality, high bandwidth networks, together with the Nimbra platform, can obviate the need to deploy expensive OB trucks to every event.

TeliaSonera’s managing director Daniel Pope has the perfect example. “Today,” he says, “it’s not uncommon for a broadcaster to have to deploy three OB trucks to cover three football matches on the same day. But that’s no longer necessary. Coverage of those three matches can all be managed remotely, saving a huge amount of time and expense in travel, trucks and satellites. What’s more, this approach could, for example, enable cost-effective coverage of minority sports such as handball.”

“That’s not just theory,” he smiled. “This is real: this is today.”

Net Insight’s Nimbra platform with its MSR functionality has the ability to provide service-centric network management, QoS Enhanced Links and lossless routing. This functionality, according to the company, enables Net Insight to deliver 100% Quality of Service and service integrity in IP media networks as well as enhancing the performance of the IP networks.

The Service-Centric Network Management handles each media service individually within the IP network to be truly aware of each service. As a result, Net Insight can provision, monitor and protect each one individually on demand on an end-to-end basis. This means that it is possible to remove and add services, provision multicast video streams, set special protection features for a specific service, without interfering or affecting the provisioning and protection of the IP core infrastructure.


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