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Net-Cam 1 – FIFA 0

1 July 2010
Net-Cam 1 - FIFA 0

Camera Corps’ Net-Cam cameras, in use at all World Cup matches, had one of the best instant views of Frank Lampard’s disallowed shot crossing the German goal line (though it has to be said that images of the four German goals are less interesting…)

“There have been many football matches in recent years where the outcome would have been different if the video output from Net-Cam had been available as a confirmation tool for referees,” observes Camera Corps Managing Director, Laurie Frost.

A total of 20 Net-Cams were operational during the first weeks of the South African international football tournament, two at each of the ten tournament venues, and will continue in this role until the games end on July 11. In addition Camera Corps has provided 100 Com-Cam systems, 20 robotic box cameras, 10 robotic tactical camera, and 10 robotic venue-wide cameras. They are supported for the entire duration of the event by a Camera Corps crew of 29 technicians and engineers, plus spare and support equipment.

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