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NEP Visions installs TSL

27 May 2010
NEP Visions installs TSL

TSL Professional Product Group’s PAM2-3G16 audio monitor has been selected as the audio monitor of choice for new OB vehicles for NEP Visions, the largest independent OBt facilities company in the UK.

NEP Visions Head of Sound Paul Fournier said: “TSL has made what was a complicated job much, much easier. We are going to view discrete component audio in this truck, which means that we need the ability to look at all 16 channels of audio available in four groups of an SDI signal, which can be stereo, mono, 5.1 or any combination. I can view four groups of embedded audio or eight AES pairs at a glance, and the video confidence display is of a quality synonymous with OLED technology, which is a significant bonus.

“Because the PAM2 is British made we also have professional, readily available backup from TSL should we ever need it, and that’s vitally important because we rely more and more on backup from manufactures than our own people, who these days are often pushed to the limit. The bottom line is that with the PAM2-3G16 we now have a tool that allows us to focus on and manipulate any facet of a 16 channel signal while ensuring that it maintains its original quality.”

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