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NEP Cymru positions BSI in Opening Ceremony

8 August 2012
NEP Cymru positions BSI in Opening Ceremony

Outside broadcast and studio facilities company NEP Cymru assigned Broadcast Sports, Inc. (BSI) with the role of obtaining shots of the speedboat on the river Thames during the Opening Ceremony of London 2012. NEP Cymru contacted BSI to provide radio cameras to film the sequence where a speedboat, driven by David Beckham, carries the Olympic flame up the river. BSI’s Technical Director, Tony Valentino, explained: "We were very excited when NEPC contacted us 10 days before the Opening Ceremony to provide four RF Cameras and an HD receive point for a helicopter, for what we understood to be a critical part of the ceremony." BSI used four radio camera systems including their own in house developed UHF camera control, which enables the use of manufacturers’ remote control panels (RCP). Cameras were located on HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, Butler’s Wharf and on the top floor of The Shard (pictured) – the first time the landmark location was used for broadcasting live pictures. Tony Cahalane, managing director of NEPC, said both companies were set a challenge: "We had little run-up time to plan this ambitious broadcast which lasted only a few minutes but formed such an important part of the Opening Ceremony. We just couldn’t afford to get it wrong. Technically it was risky and, due to the secrecy surrounding the late commission, it also proved to be an operational challenge. Working alongside the excellent BSI team, we pulled out all the stops and I think our images of Beckham driving a speedboat towards the Olympic Stadium were among the most memorable of the night for viewers around the world." Tony Valentino, who has been with BSI UK since it opened its European office one year ago, lead BSI’s engineering team who set up the RF equipment and operated the camera systems on the banks of the Thames. "Working around the river was logistically interesting," said Valentino. "There was not much time to arrange frequencies and permits for the camera positions and the RF conditions were not ideal, however we have a great team at BSI UK, with exactly the right experience of outdoor productions. They had a superb night on the Thames, and delivered the solution for that stunning part of the ceremony."


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