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Neat Video Pro for workflow tools

7 February 2012
Neat Video Pro for workflow tools

Neat Video has delivered a video noise reduction filter for ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab digital workflow tools. The OpenFX plug-in brings grain and noise reduction technology to digital intermediate (DI), finishing, production dailies and visual effects dailies workflows. The Neat Video filter reduces visible noise and grain in video footage produced by digital video cameras, camcorders, TV-tuners and digitisers of film or analog video. Neat Video builds on device noise profiles to make noise reduction custom-tailored to video capturing device. Neat Video combines an intra-frame noise filter, which reduces noise and grain in individual frames, with a temporal noise filter, which further reduces any remaining imperfections by using data from several adjacent frames. Working closely together, these two filters reduce more noise and better preserve sharpness and actual details. Neat Video is multi-core, multi-CPU and multi-GPU optimized to provide the best performance with modern CPUs and CUDA-capable NVidia graphics cards. "We’re excited to expand our support from editorial and compositing systems into the DI, finishing and dailies workflows,” said Vlad from the Neat Video team. “SCRATCH has have been at the epicenter of digital filmmaking from the very beginning and has built its reputation on adopting new technologies such as support for OFX plug-ins. We believe that SCRATCH and Neat Video Pro make the ideal combination for digital workflows.”

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