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NCTech’s iSTAR of the show: 360-degree filming

26 September 2014
NCTech’s iSTAR of the show: 360-degree filming

A digital panoramic camera which will offer news gathering teams a unique perspective on the world unfolding around them, was promised by NCTech at IBC. The iSTAR camera, designed and manufactured by the Edinburgh company was shown as an example of the potential of 360° filming, and can transmit and broadcast complete 360° HD images.
The camera was shown at IBC in a conference session produced by Sky News. Steve Bennedik, head of technology, Sky News commented; “In the future, I think broadcasters and the news business will turn to gaming and other industries for inspiration on new methods of filming and displaying content. Virtual Reality and 360 imaging is a fascinating field. The iSTAR is an example of emerging products which are starting to move into this space. I wanted to use it to challenge the IBC audience to think about 360 filming ­ at an event or protest, up a mountain, from a helicopter or drone. There’s a lot of potential.”
Neil Tocher, co-founder and CTO, NCTech, added: “iSTAR is designed to provide images many times higher resolution than HD and uses propriety automatic ultra HDR technology at the push of a button. It’s ruggedised to military specifications to withstand harsh environments but is small, lightweight and can be used hand held or vehicle mounted.  It should therefore be perfect for Sky News broadcasters reporting from conflict zones or areas where there’s a need to get exceptionally high quality broadcast pictures beamed back to the viewer.”

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