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NBC to deliver Rio 2016 in 4K

27 May 2016
NBC to deliver Rio 2016 in 4K

NBC will be providing its distribution partners with 4K coverage of the Rio Olympics this summer.

The broadcaster will deliver 4K coverage to cable, satellite and telco providers on a one-day delay.

The coverage will include footage from the opening and closing ceremonies, swimming, track and field, basketball, the men’s football final, and judo.

“The Olympics have been a consistent driver of technological advancements, and Rio will be no different,” said Gary Zenkel, president, NBC Olympics.

“The stunning backdrop of Rio combined with the world-class competition of the Olympics will give the American audience a spectacular early look at this impressive new technology.”

NBC will distribute the coverage provided by Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) and Japan’s NHK to US distribution partners.

“Since the London Games, OBS and NHK have been working together, experimenting on the future standard of 8K,” said Yiannis Exarchos, OBS CEO.

“Substantial recent technological advancements have allowed us to pursue this opportunity further for the Rio Games and to offer a 4K feed for a number of sports, down-converted from the original 8K, to NBC and other interested rights holding broadcasters around the globe.”

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