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NASCAR preserves files with Spectra

6 March 2013
NASCAR preserves files with Spectra

NASCAR Productions has selected a Spectra T-Finity tape library to archive 180,000 hours (8.0PB) of NASCAR Productions’ high-resolution video footage. The enterprise-class T-Finity, utilising LTO data tape technology, will manage and store NASCAR’s vast historical broadcast data, including NASCAR-related events, TV programmes, films, commercials and other broadcast-related data sets. NASCAR’s video footage was previously archived on a Spectra T950 tape library, enabling a transition to a higher-capacity T-Finity tape library using Spectra’s TranScale feature, which protects prior investments and enables users to transform and scale an existing tape library. “When NASCAR Productions purchased the T950 library in 2008 it was configured to archive 50,000 hours of video footage, and in just five years, its broadcast data bloomed by 260% to 180,000 hours,” said Brian Grainger, Spectra Logic’s senior vice president of worldwide sales.  “We have served NASCAR’s storage needs for many years, and were pleased to help them meet their growing needs with Spectra’s efficient, timesaving TranScale capabilities. Spectra Logic prides itself on developing long-term relationships within the industry’s vendor, partner and end-user communities and, as the NASCAR solution illustrates, working with those contacts to meet unique and ever-changing data preservation needs.” With Spectra’s TranScale architecture, T-Series tape library customers can utilise the common, interchangeable components between Spectra’s T-Series library family, enabling customers to scale to the next largest library as data sets grow. The TranScale upgrade is easy and fast. It enables users to retain critical tape library components, eliminates the need for host/server reconfiguration, serial number changes, worldwide name changes, and switch rezoning, and is guaranteed to be completed in less than half a day. NASCAR Productions TranScaled from its T950 to a T-Finity with a simple chassis change.  “NASCAR needed to expand its data storage to accommodate a growing amount of video data.  Spectra’s TranScale feature allowed us to transform our T950 into an upgraded T-Finity tape library,” said Steve Stum, NASCAR Productions’ vice president of operations and technical production. “The upgrade process involved a simple chassis replacement instead of a complex technology refresh, and we were able to complete the process in just a few hours.”

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