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Narrowstep increases Spanish presence

4 July 2007

Narrowstep has collaborated with Spanish-based VivoCom to deliver a host of new IP-delivered TV channels to the Spanish market. To date, it has launched 13 original channels using Narrowstep’s proprietary IPTV technology platform, telvOS.

This collaboration is part of Narrowstep’s overall strategy to extend its presence globally through a network of international resellers. These resellers allow video content owners, brands, institutions and many other companies and organisations to utilise Narrowstep’s video delivery platform to provide viewers with unique video content in TV-like quality over the internet.

“The combination of Narrowstep’s telvOS and VivoCom’s expertise in creating new media productions has yielded incredible results, making Spain our top international market, and a worldwide point of reference for TV on the internet,” said Todd Narwid, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Narrowstep.

Among the new channels VivoCom has introduced over the past few months are iPSOE TV (Spain’s ruling political party channel) and the Spanish Red Cross (Cruz Roja Espa_ola). It also provides channels for the internationally known city of Seville and the C_rdoba province, as well as a multichannel solution for BBVA (one of the largest retail banks in Europe with more than 100,000 employees), and a multilingual channel for ICEX, the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade. Narrowstep and VivoCom even share a channel (Negopolis), which is designed to showcase innovative business concepts for an investor market.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding choice, flexibility and interactivity from their media. At the same time, companies are looking for the best way to differentiate themselves and deliver their message to their target audience. Fortunately, IPTV combines the richness of the mass media with the interactivity of the internet. What else could you ask for?” said Ra_l de la Cruz, chief executive officer and founder of VivoCom. “Partnering with Narrowstep has allowed us to focus on delivering quality content and services with the assurance that our customers are provided with superior quality.”

VivoCom has also collaborated with the Spanish Media Publishers Association to host a live broadcast of the Media Publishers Advertising Awards, and with the Spanish Association of Advertising Agencies to broadcast the most important advertising festival for Spanish speaking countries. In addition, VivoCom has partnered with the leading advertising magazine El Publicista to help found El Publicista 2020, the first Spanish publication covering new media.

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