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NanoAir launch to enrich production

4 March 2013
NanoAir launch to enrich production

Introducing its technology around enriched live production, sports production and fast turnaround TV is EVS. The company’s fast-turnaround TV solutions for live and near-live production reduce production times and improve access to content. At NAB EVS will launch the new NanoAir playout software controller. As well as providing cost-effective, reliable playout for TV studio productions, it can also be used for playing out studio and stage backdrops such as animations and fill and key. The new advanced Director’s Cut feature in EVS’ IPDirector suite of video production management applications is designed to accelerate you production chain by facilitating as-live studio productions from the main video switcher along with all camera ISOs, and link it with an EDL in native formats for the most popular NLE post production editors. The company will unveil innovative workflow solutions that optimise live broadcasting infrastructures, enabling broadcasters to embrace new connected operations and deliver ‘live everywhere’ offerings to the consumer. The ‘Enriched Live Production’ solution simultaneously connects live venues to broadcasters, remote users or multimedia consumers, enabling broadcasters and content owners to enrich their content, maximise revenues and improve the viewer experience. Based on its unique XT3 multi-codec recording capabilities and a new range of IP and web-based production, browsing and distribution tools, EVS provides the most complete solution for today’s and tomorrow’s integrated live production and multi-screen distribution workflows. The company continues to develop its integrated sports solution for 360-degree operations from the venue to the living room. At NAB it will introduce a series of innovations for each step of the production and delivery workflow. As part of its ongoing development of practical innovations to improve live outside broadcast operations, EVS begins the next chapter in the industry standard LSM user surface with a multi-touch tablet application. It features advanced clip and playlist management features and the added flexibility of multi-user configurations for each server. To enable instant connectivity between outside broadcast facilities, sports centres and other remote locations, EVS’ new advanced IP and web-based tools allow operators to instantly review multiple camera angles and clips, and import them for extended production operations. Extending the broadcaster’s reach into the living room, EVS’ C-Cast second-screen solution delivers additional premium content to viewers’ connected devices using existing live production infrastructure, enabling broadcasters and rights holders to increase viewer engagement and maximise content value. SL2416

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