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Nagravision gets into FLO mobile TV

4 October 2007

Nagravision has announced that it is working on an integrated MediaFLO mobile TV conditional access solution with Qualcomm. The two companies will combine their respective products in order to provide the mobile broadcast market with an off the shelf solution, enabling a fast time to market and reducing the cost of deploying mobile TV services, writes Heather McLean.

The integrated conditional access solution will allow mobile TV service operators to benefit from the performance of the MediaFLO mobile broadcast technology and from the advanced features of the Nagravision conditional access system. Using the solution will enable operators to manage flexible business models, such as subscriber promotions, free previews, short term access from one hour to one day, plus pay per view, order ahead pay per view and pay per time.

A key advantage of the combined offering is support for both mobile handsets and devices such as portable media players, in car entertainment systems and portable TVs, stated Nagravision. The solution will be compatible with GSM and UMTS wireless networks, among others. Gemalto, a digital security firm, will provide MediaFLO-enabled mobile TV cards. Combined with the Nagravision conditional access software, these Gemalto UpTeq USIM cards will serve as the security shield for the system.

The remote management capability of the Gemalto Mobile TV solution will enable mobile operators to better adjust their market offering, and upgrade the security level whenever necessary.

Hubert Rechsteiner, vice president of business development for Mobile TV at Nagravision, stated: “MediaFLO, based on the open FLO standard, is a proven, highly efficient mobile broadcast technology with tremendous market potential worldwide. Nagravision is excited to provide its state of the art conditional access solution in collaboration with Qualcomm in order to address the growing mobile media market served by the MediaFLO platform.”

Nagravision is an active member of the FLO Forum and the integrated MediaFLO conditional access solution will be based on the standard open security specification that has been recently defined by the FLO Forum members.

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