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NAB2012: Fibre-optic camera accessories through joint venture

22 March 2012
NAB2012: Fibre-optic camera accessories through joint venture

Provider of fibre optic-based video and audio transport solutions MultiDyne will showcase digital video camera accessories based on creative innovation provided by Inflexion Designat the 2012 NAB Show. The new co-venture combines the strengths of three industry veterans, Frank Jachetta, Eugene Baker, and Carlos Acosta. The offerings will be sold worldwide through the company’s global distribution network. Inflexion Design’s solid foundation draws from the leading-edge design skills of Eugene Baker, previously co-founder and CTO of Telecast, combined with Solid Camera Co-founder Carlos Acosta’s real-world, on-set expertise in digital cinema and industrial design and the vision of MultiDyne president and fibre-optic pioneer Frank Jachetta. The new high-performance, fibre-optic-based camera accessories are designed to appeal to a wide range of applications — from broadcast television stations to 3D cinematographers. "Inflexion Design integrates the best aspects of creative design from Solid Camera with MultiDyne’s high-quality fibre-optic products," said Baker. "Our combined knowledge, experience, and vision allow us to create extraordinary product functionality and reliability not currently available in the industry." "Inflexion Design combines Carlos’ innovative approach to design with Eugene’s bleeding-edge creativity and the 35-year track record of MultiDyne, to create a union that is more than the sum of its parts," said Jachetta. "Inflexion Design will resolve many of the frustrations camera operators often experience in the field," said Acosta. "Unique, intuitive designs and powerful electronic functionality allow us to package very complex technology into compelling, simple-to-use solutions for creative environments." C10421


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