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NAB finds its PlayMaker

12 March 2013
NAB finds its PlayMaker

PlayMaker is Orad’s SD/HD, slow-motion video server designed to meet the growing challenges of live sports productions. PlayMaker provides up to 8 I/O channels of high quality ingest in multiple video formats, including DVCPRO, DNxHD and JPEG2000, with synchronised slow motion replay, and powerful yet simple editing tools. PlayMaker is ideal for live outside broadcast productions as well as sports highlight editing in a studio environment. When working in a studio environment, PlayMaker offers a dedicated work mode for highlight editing of multiple playlists from various incoming feeds. Designed for technical directors/switcher operators, TD Control streamlines video box production workflows by consolidating video sources and graphics, delivering a single composited image to the switcher. The breakthrough TD Control technology provides flexibility, including the ability to switch, while on air, from six video sources to six completely different video sources with one click of a button. PowerPlay is a turnkey post production solution for managing live sports productions. Capabilities include ingest and instant highlight editing integrated through a dedicated sports media asset management platform. PowerPlay is designed to provide a complete solution for large scale sporting events, offering fast-turnaround of content and advanced data management tools.iFind is a media management solution that provides users with the ability to manage the essential elements of a professional broadcast server, graphics and archive systems from a web browser. SL5709

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