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NAB debuts from Bridge Technologies

5 March 2014
NAB debuts from Bridge Technologies

“At NAB 2014 we are showing a full hand of aces!” said chairman of Bridge Technologies, Simen K Frostad. A range of new products will be on show, including the Objective QoE solution, VB288 Content Extractor and next generation OTT Engine with MPEG-DASH support.

The company’s new QoE (Quality of Experience) solution enables Bridge systems users to bring QoS capability together with QoE monitoring, running on the same Bridgetech infrastructure and with support for QoE monitoring of regionally-inserted material.

Also new for NAB is the VB288 Content Extraction System for Objective QoE Monitoring with remote videowall display. The VB288 delivers visual content extraction, status displays and alerts to a virtual videowall display that can be viewed through any web browser. It can power displays of large numbers of HD H.264 channels in multiple browser windows.

Bridge Technologies’ second-generation OTT Engine makes MPEG-DASH support a core part of the user’s OTT monitoring capability, is compatible with all Bridge Technologies 1G and 10G probes, and part of the iOS and Android PocketProbe mobile monitoring apps. The new OTT Engine extends its HLS, HDS, Smoothstream and MPEG-DASH capability by adding support for RTMP, https and subtitle tracks.

The first of a new line of products, the VB273 Satellite Redundancy Switch is designed for Bridge Technologies’ new carrier-grade intelligent redundancy switching solution for satellite uplinks.

Also new from Bridge Technologies will be the PocketProbe for Android, Version 5.0 System software with new capabilities and MicroAnalytics System.


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