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NAB debut for new Pixel Power playout solution

21 April 2011

ChannelMaster – Pixel Power’s new line of all-in-one playout systems for multi-channel broadcast operations – was one of the headline-making launches at this year’s NAB Show. The new systems are said to provide all the functionality needed to deliver a channel on-air quickly – but without the cost and complexity of traditional playout chains.

The ChannelMaster systems are also the first products of their kind to include sophisticated graphics for branding and promotion purposes, courtesy of the Clarity graphics engine.

Pixel Power Inc CEO Pete Challinger commented: “Many adopters of ‘channel in a box’-type solutions quickly discover that merely pumping out content does not make for a successful channel launch. Graphics and branding are vital to creating compelling channels, so many then come to Pixel Power for graphics to fill that void in their playout chain. Now, the no-compromise design of our new Pixel Power ChannelMaster provides broadcasters what they really need. Secondary channels should not look secondary – they require the same polish and impact of primary channels.”

ChannelMaster integrates storage, graphics, DVE, subtitling, master control, live feed and long-form video playout within a single dedicated hardware platform – the result being, says the manufacturer, that broadcasters can avoid the cost and complexity of traditional playout chains.

The systems can operate autonomously or as a part of a group of ChannelMaster devices controlled and managed by a range of popular automation and media asset management systems.

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