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NAB 2012: World premiere for Lawo’s SDI-Dock

12 April 2012
NAB 2012: World premiere for Lawo’s SDI-Dock

The Lawo SDI-Dock bridges the worlds of audio and video with a channel density of eight embedders and de-embedders and 128 audio channels through MADI. 3G SDI embedders and de-embedders enable the use of any audio signal from up to eight video signals, as well as the integration of new audio signals into the video signals. Up to 16 audio channels are supported per stream. Even varying reference clocks between video and audio do not present major challenges due to sample rate converters in each embedder. The SDI-Dock comes with a frame synchroniser for each video channel that enables the use of different video formats at the same time. Each video channel comes with an integrated colour corrector and proc-amp to adapt each incoming signal to colour requirements. C2046

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