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NAB 2012: Thomson and Jünger Audio partner

20 April 2012
NAB 2012: Thomson and Jünger Audio partner

Thomson Video Networks has joined with Jünger Audio to bring Jünger’s audio loudness technology to the ViBE encoding platform. With the handling of loudness built in, ViBE encoders will enable customers to achieve a reduced infrastructure footprint. Jünger Audio’s audio leveling technology delivers broadcast audio that complies with all current loudness regulations (ATSC A/85, ITU 1770 and EBU R128). The company’s LEVEL MAGIC algorithm provides a series of level controls that address the issues broadcasters currently face, particularly with audio coming from a wide variety of sources. Based on a multi-Loop dynamic range control principle, with slow changes (AGC), fast changes (transient processing) and look-ahead peak limiting are handled simultaneously. LEVEL MAGIC offers level management without coloration, pumping, breathing, distortion, or modulation effects. "We have chosen Jünger from the key players in this arena because the LEVEL MAGIC algorithm is very highly regarded by broadcast sound engineers for the outstanding results it delivers," said Claude Perron, chief technology officer of Thomson Video Networks. "Audio quality is a key criterion for our customers and an important part of the viewer experience, and with this collaboration we can combine the leading loudness solution with the leading encoding technology." Thomson Video Networks and Jünger will work jointly to integrate LEVEL MAGIC into the ViBE platform, and the technology will be incorporated into new ViBE products from Q3 2012. An easy software upgrade will be available to customers of existing ViBE EM4000 and VS7000 units. "In the light of new legislation, broadcasters around the world are very aware of the need to maintain legal audio levels," said Peter Poers, managing director of Jünger Audio. "As audio specialists, we have spent many years developing technologies that address the loudness issue without any detrimental effect on sound quality. By combining LEVEL MAGIC with ViBE encoding, so now we make it much easier for broadcasters to deploy and operate a solution that complies with all current loudness regulations and offers a smaller footprint, thus minimising the possibility of errors." SU3012


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