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NAB 2012: TallyMan VP takes off

18 April 2012
NAB 2012: TallyMan VP takes off

TSL Professional Products, a manufacturer of audio monitoring, tally and power management goods, has launched the TallyMan VP (Virtual Panel) with touchscreen. Designed to simplify control of multiple router I/Os, the user interface is engineered to be more in tune with the needs of creative operators, thereby streamlining production workflow. “We’re seeing a change in the way operators work across the broadcast chain, particularly in director, producer, EVS and graphics positions where cross-point and mnemonic information needs to be accessed quickly and easily,” said Chris Exelby, managing director of TSL. “The TallyMan VP is designed with a user interface that is a lot less intimidating than traditional engineering hardware, which requires esoteric knowledge, easing production tasks for engineers.” The TallyMan VP software-based control platform removes the need to install individual hardware panels each time a router is added, expanded or upgraded. It can also interface with any third-party router, vision mixer or multi-viewer. This provides a universal control for operators who don’t need to be aware of source paths or any complicated working parts that sit behind the buttons. The panel also enables users to switch equipment on and off remotely, while offering heightened security for positions with limited functionality. Using vision mixer and router cross-point status, TallyMan sends tallies to cameras and mnemonic information to monitor walls. It can configure all hardware components within a system to the user’s preferences via the easy mapping of tallies, mnemonics and router paths, for simple drag-and-drop editing. N1119


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