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NAB 2012: MultiDyne introduces SilverCAT and SMPTE-HUT

29 April 2012
NAB 2012: MultiDyne introduces SilverCAT and SMPTE-HUT

MultiDyne unveiled SilverCAT, which combines Cat 5 Cabling and compression technologies, and a hybrid universal transceiver at NAB. The products are from a recently announced co-venture with InfleXion Design. SilverCAT, a camera-mounted transceiver, transports high-quality HD video signals, as well as audio, intercom, tally, and control data. "By relying on standard Cat 5 cabling, the transceiver is cost-saving because it reduces cable maintenance expenses without compromising video quality,” said Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne. “And with its ability to transmit essential intercom and data signals, SilverCAT extends the life of older camera systems.” The SMPTE-HUT is designed to increase the transmission distances of SMPTE HD cameras limited by SMPTE hybrid copper/fibre cabling. The transceiver eliminates RF, EMI, and grounding issues through a lightweight, space-efficient package. It can be used either as a passive, unpowered system with local power supplied to the camera head or as a powered system with MultiDyne’s HUT-C-300 camera-end device powering the camera head up to 1 km using a 14mm SMPTE hybrid cable. Both power schemes use a small adapter to accept the hybrid or CAT-6 cable from the camera control unit (CCU), tricking the CCU into recognising a physical copper connection between it and the camera. Between the SMPTE-HUT units, broadcasters have the option of running up to 10 km of two single mode fibres or taking advantage of a facility’s existing fibre backbone. Due to its optically passive nature, the two fibres can be routed through MultiDyne’s EOS-4000 router or its FS-6000 Fiber-Saver CWDM remapper/multiplexer, powering up to six camera systems.


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