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NAB 2012: Controlling metadata using IPV Metadata Central

22 March 2012
NAB 2012: Controlling metadata using IPV Metadata Central

IPV, an independent supplier of media, metadata and low bitrate, frame-accurate video technology, will launch a new application for the IPV Teragator system, Metadata Central, at NAB. It uses the power of the semantic web to mine multiple disparate sources of data — including in-house databases, subscription feeds and social networks — and transform them into a unified source for use across the enterprise. The benefit of semantic analytics is not just simplification: it allows richer, more complex search filters to be defined, leading to greater productivity and better targeted content being delivered more quickly. “Our Process Engine has taken on a life of its own, allowing it to be configured independently of our production asset management solution to build new architectures for broadcast critical activities,” said Nigel Booth of IPV. “Metadata Central is also a powerful tool which can be used independently or in conjunction with other IPV functionality to tailor workflows, achieve efficiencies and help create more imaginative topical content, resulting in greater audience retention. “IPV products employ web services standards including XML, REST and SOAP, meaning their Service Oriented Architecture interfaces are quickly and reliably connected,” Booth continued. “The advantages of SOA infrastructures, including the ability of processes to dynamically agree transactions for interoperability as well as interchange transparency between equipment from different vendors, are finally being realised by broadcast system architects. We see IPV products taking a leading role in high pressure, fast turnaround production environments alongside our traditional role in asset management.” Also new at NAB2012 is version 5.0 of IPV SpectreView, the low bitrate video advanced streaming technology for which the company is best known. The latest release incorporates the full range of formats and I/O, including DNxHD and MPEG-4 H.264. To enable users to advance their installations, the new release allows the latest and legacy formats to be played back to back on a desktop timeline without ever compromising the IPV guarantee of frame accuracy. Support is provided for up to 22 audio channels, and users have access to growing files, as they are being ingested and created. Any workstation can scrub video and audio content, instantly fast forward and rewind, and jump to a scene boundary or a logged marker. Visitors to NAB will also see the IPVLive plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro on the booth. This tool provides access to live material and an asset management layer such as Curator integrated within the Adobe Premiere Pro interface. N4017


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