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Muvi adds physical store

16 September 2016
Muvi adds physical store

OTT technology provider Muvi has added a sales feature that will allow platform owners to monetise their video streaming service with physical goods and merchandise.

Muvi Kart will offer customers a range of merchandising alongside streamed videos, such as t-shirts, toys and DVDs.

The add-on features analytical and marketing tools for businesses to monitor and control their revenue inflows, with adhesive capabilities such as inventory management, built-in coupon engine, pre-order, multi-currency and multi-language support.

“We have always been on a constant quest of evolving as a video streaming platform,” said Viraj Mehta, head of international business, Muvi.

“This time we wanted to do something unique and the idea of being able to sell your merchandise alongside video content was tempting, as we’ve studied that our customers were not completely able to monetise on a lot of their users.”

“They would lose on viewers that would just surf around free content and leave. Tempting such viewers with their favourite merchandising products, advertised alongside their favourite videos, would help them convert, and thus, Muvi Kart was born.”

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