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Murraypro launches EYE~POD

4 February 2013
Murraypro launches EYE~POD

Murraypro is to demonstrate EYE~POD, a module that extends monitoring capability to include Serial Digital ‘Eye’ information, at BVE 2013. Designed to interface with Murraypro’s Test Chest 3G, users receive an immediate visual indication of the quality of an SDI input signal with regard to both overall signal amplitude, and Jitter parameters. The EYE~POD embraces operation at SD, 1G5-HD and 3G-HD, with ‘Eye’ waveform and important parameters indicated visually on the Test Chest 3G’s own high resolution LCD. This Touch Screen panel also controls the Eye’s displayed parameters, switching between ‘direct’ and ‘equalised’ streams, or selecting WFM display Timebase and Low Pass Filtering, in the timing alignment Jitter and measurement modes.  Somewhat narrower than the Test Chest’s existing ‘Audio POD’, the EYE~POD module is housed in a matching extruded alloy case. EYE~POD couples firmly to the Test Chest 3G’s D-25 connector which carries all communications, and locks in position with a toggle clamp. With no fiddly mechanical alignments to perform, any module coupling or uncoupling operation is completed in a second or two. For monitoring purposes it may be necessary to interrupt a video feed. The EYE~POD provides a fully buffered, equalised and reclocked utility output port; enabling the line to be ‘looped’ onwards, maintaining service. “Although Test Chest 3G’s main IP exhibits very low return loss, Eye performance could be compromised when it already embraces CVBS, Tri-level, AES, & SDI at SD, 1G5-HD and 3D-HD capability,” explained CEO Tony Drummond-Murray. “SDI signals presented to EYE~POD contain frequencies significantly higher than basic SDI Clock rates, so performance has been carefully optimised for examining the subtle elements of the Eye envelope”. The Module will be released as an optional extra for Murraypro’s Test Chest 3G. EYE~POD draws power from the main Unit, whether operating from it’s rechargeable lithium battery, or drawing energy from external power.H38

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