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Multiple success for PESA

12 October 2006

QuStream-owned PESA has won two significant orders in the US from Daystar Television Network and National Mobile Television respectively. NMT has selected QuStream to provide PESA audio and video routing equipment for its newest production truck series. The order is valued at approximately US$1.7 million.

NMT will be installing the Cheetah DRS distributed audio router configured 1472 x 1728 as well as two Cheetah video routers, configured 304 x 304 and 672 x 848 framed in PESA’s new 864XR 41RU single chassis. The order also includes the Cheetah integrated CWDM fibre units to allow easy set-up and communication between the three trucks that make up this production unit.

“PESA’s overall unique router technology made a compelling case for us to choose them for our newest production trucks,” said John Kemps, VP of engineering at NMT. “We needed the maximum amount of crosspoints in the smallest space possible and PESA’s new Cheetah 864XR routing switcher gave us exactly the size we needed with up to 864 x 864 in only 41RU. In addition, the CWDM fibre mux and demux cards integrated directly into the Cheetah allowed us to carry 16 lines over one fibre channel reducing the weight of our trucks and permitting easier set-up.”

The Daystar deal meanwhile is valued at approximately US$0.6 million for its new mobile production truck and existing fixed facility studio. The order includes a Cheetah DRS audio router and Cheetah video router for its studio as well as a separate Cheetah DRS audio router and Cheetah video router for its new SDI mobile production truck. The routers for the production truck include CWDM fibre connectivity.

“The Cheetah DRS Audio Routing System was chosen because of the total flexibility to place Input or Output Frames where the sources and destinations are and interconnect to each other with one Cat5 cable. In addition, the 512 x 512 router in the studio will be connected to the 128 x 128 router in the remote truck by fibre when it is home effectively allowing the console in the truck to see every input in the studios and be available as a second control room or emergency backup,” said Steve McNeal, Director of Engineering of Daystar.

“A Cheetah 128 x 128 SDI Router was chosen for our remote truck primarily because the studio already has a 512 x 512 SDI Router and PESA offered a fully integrated internal fibre interconnect between the two routers which was very important to us.”

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