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Multiple GoPro control via WiFi

11 January 2012
Multiple GoPro control via WiFi

CES Report: Up to 50 GoPro HD Hero2 cameras can be remotely controlled and their images streamed live remotely via a new mini wireless unit, writes Adrian Pennington.

The ultra lightweight WiFi BacPac attaches to the back of the miniature HD cameras. Control is by either a GoPro WiFi Remote, which can be worn on the wrist, or a free app for Android or Apple smartphones.

If controlled via an iPad, up to 50 of the live streams can be viewed and selected for use. One video stream can be recorded direct to the Hero2’s SD card while sending another stream via WiFi to the web or a smart device. The original HD Hero can be controlled by the remote, but can’t do any streaming.

The Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit will cost $99 and should be available in April.

In addition, Tim Macmillan, founder of pioneering UK camera image array company Time-Slice Films, which originated the frozen time effect, has joined GoPro in a development role.

According to GoPro’s Director of Communications, Rick Loughery: “You will see Tim work with us to devise multiple camera array applications.”

The first of these is a planned 60-camera array of GoPro cameras for ESPN’s coverage of the upcoming X-Games, which will be broadcast from Aspen later this month.


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