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MultiDyne showcases fibre-based transport solutions

12 March 2014
MultiDyne showcases fibre-based transport solutions

A range of fibre-optic-based video and audio transport solutions designed for pro A/V and broadcast applications will be demonstrated by MultiDyne at NAB. A key highlight will be The Dingo, a new fibre transport product.

The Dingo supports a wide range of camera signals — 3G HD-SDI, composite video, analogue or digital audio with cross conversion, intercom, serial data, and Gigabit Ethernet — over a single fibre-optic cable. The Dingo is available as an openGear compatible card; as a portable, black box or as a smaller personality card for The BullDog, LiGHTBoX, and LiGHTCuBE product lines.

Now available from MultiDyne is The BullDog, a field fibre transport system. Using The BullDog, camera operators can extend the transmission distance of multiple camera signals. In addition to transporting any camera signal over a single fibre cable, The BullDog can transport up to 8 HD-SDI signals in any direction.

Also on display at NAB will be the MultiDyne SilverBACK-4K, a camera-mounted fiber transport solution that supports 4K digital television. Utilising SilverBACK-4K, users can transmit any camera signal over a single hybrid copper and fibre cable.

The company’s SilverBACK-II with JUICE is a camera-mounted fibre transport solution capable of transmitting any camera signal over a single hybrid fibre and copper cable. Featuring a case measuring just over 1” thick, the SilverBACK-II with JUICE provides users with a lightweight, remote powering system that can be integrated onto any camera.

All SilverBACK solutions will now have the option for Ethernet transport and DC power taps.


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