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MultiDyne sees the LiGHT

7 May 2010
MultiDyne sees the LiGHT

MultiDyne’s new LiGHTCuBE fibre optic field transport system includes options for an HD or composite signal generator as well as HD monitors, giving broadcasters unprecedented ability to test and monitor signals in the field.

Capable of housing any product in the MultiDyne product line, the LiGHTCuBE represents the company’s most customisable, rugged and high-density solution to date. Designed for the fibre optic field transport of composite, HD video, PL, IFB, audio and more, the LiGHTCuBE can be configured for as many as 80 HD-SDI, SDI or composite video paths, with 225 AES or analog audio channels. The LiGHTCuBE is also compatible with DVI, RGB and HDMI and is AC and fully battery powered.

In addition, the new test and monitor features make the LiGHTCuBE especially effective for in-the-field signal monitoring. With an HD monitor and signal generator on either end of the product, users can test the circuit even if the camera has not arrived. Further, the HD test signal generator option also allows users to send the test pattern down the line, or to send the signal from the studio end directly to the LiGHTCuBE. This function allows users to monitor the camera output and the signals arriving at the shoot, and can be added to any solution in MultiDyne’s LiGHTBoX product line.

“With our new LiGHTCuBE, the options for the end-user are virtually limitless,” said Frank Jachetta, senior vice president of sales and operations for MultiDyne. “Not only does the LiGHTCuBE hold more HD, analogue video and audio signals than any other solution in our product line, it is also extremely customisable, even by the end-user. Our new test and monitor features provide even more value. Customers who were creating their own makeshift flyaway case to house many video signals will finally have access to a smaller, cost-effective and extremely high-quality solution for all their fiber optic transport needs.”

A major benefit also lies in the LiGHTCuBE’s size. Though this solution is heavy on HD and audio signals, the LiGHTCuBE is a compact and extremely portable 14-inch cube design, making it small enough for sports and ENG, an announce booth setting, as well as any field application where signal density is a must. Additional carry handles allow users to “grab-and-go” for remote or on-location broadcasts. A weather resistant cover is also available.

The LiGHTCuBE is exceptionally versatile and can be used in a number of different broadcast and pro A/V situations. It is ideal for applications including large-scale outdoor arena sporting events where a user requires a rugged, highly weather-proof solution for handling massive amounts of HD signals. The LiGHTCuBE is also a perfect fit for users transporting high-density audio; for example, in a live symphony or orchestra broadcast setting with over 60 microphones, the LiGHTCuBE can manage audio bottlenecks, transporting signals seamlessly to an OB van or studio.

The LiGHTCuBE can be linked using tactical or conventional fiber to any MultiDyne solution, including the DVM-2500, HD-1500, HD-3000, HDMI-ONE, DVI-6000 as well as many non-MultiDyne products. In addition, the LiGHTCuBE offers users intercom, PL, IFB and belt pack support.

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