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MTV3 adopts realtime interactive graphics from Orad

6 February 2012
MTV3 adopts realtime interactive graphics from Orad

Leading independent Finnish broadcaster MTV3 has added an Orad Interact dynamic graphics system to its studio capabilities. The new Interact, which allows the presenter to control and direct content from the screen live and in realtime, is linked to the existing Orad Maestro enterprise graphics system which in turn operates as part of MTV3’s automated news production system. The first applications of the new system were in major political broadcasts. It was trialled in the coverage of general elections for the parliament of Finland, in April 2011. The success of the interactive capabilities then led MTV3 to invest in the system in the run-up to the presidential election in January 2012. “The first live show with the additional new system was on 14 December, for the election panel discussions,” said Seppo Vällmäki, systems engineer at MTV3. Everything was created dynamically from the 40,000 line opinion poll result table while the presenter pushed the button. “Many of the heated discussions among candidates actually started with their reaction to the graphics,” he continued. “It was one of the best political debates I have ever seen in Finland, and it would not have happened without the Orad Interact.”

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