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MTV World Stage recorded in 2D and 3D

1 August 2011
MTV World Stage recorded in 2D and 3D

MTV’s music show MTV World Stage was recorded for the first time in 3D last weekend using a production workflow that simultaneously captured events in 2D. Presteigne Charter supplied the 3D equipment for the production.

MTV World Stage is a global series of events which are recorded ‘live’ at exclusive gigs, renowned music festivals and concert locations. Last weekend’s MTV World Stage Live, shot in Malaysia in front of 15,000 fans, saw the first multi camera 3D production.  Presteigne Charter worked alongside MTV to provide a combined 3D/2D production for the event. It supplied eight camera positions utilising Element Technica Pulsar and Quasar rigs with Sony HDC-1500 and HDC-P1 cameras, a compete 3D fly pack with convergence positions offering a Sony MPE-200 Stereo Image Processor and QC Tools.  A Sony MVS-8000X vision mixer sat at the heart of the production with 3D monitoring provided by LMD-2451TD and 4251TD passive LCD monitors. 14 left and right eye HD signals were recorded to EVS XT2 with file management via IP Director and X-File2.    Recording was done on XDCAM for the 2D and HDCAM SR for the 3D line cut with 16 ISO records on EVS.
The 2D feeds were extracted from the left and right cameras to enable MTV Asia to produce a full HD programme and a full switched 3D line cut, saving the network extensive post production costs. According to Presteigne Charter’s Steve Boland: “The approach of this production has been one where MTV Asia and Presteigne Charter worked hand in hand to facilitate the overall production. Presteigne Charter and MTV’s team worked extensively together on the best locations for the 3D camera positions. Local cameramen were trained in 2.5 days on how to shoot concerts in 3D with excellent results. The production set-up enabled [director] Marcus Viner to create a fully switched 2D and 3D production from one production set-up.” Danny Duijs, Presteigne’s general manager, Asia-Pacific said: “We believe music events are ideal for 3D production and after being involved in the UK on JLS Live and coverage of the Blue Man Group in Japan there is clearly an appetite for 3D productions in this genre. The continued success and uptake of 3DTV will fully depend on compelling content being produced by broadcasters like MTV Asia.” The production was directed by Viner who recently directed Kylie Minogue’s Les Follies concert tour.   MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011 was cut into an hour long version for broadcast over MTV’s global networks.  


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