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MTV gets social with Orad and Astucemedia

1 March 2013
MTV gets social with Orad and Astucemedia

MTV Media in Finland has launched a new social television channel, AVA, under the slogan luodaan yhdessä – let’s create together. AVA is powered by technology developed in partnership by Orad and Astucemedia. “In light of the paradigm shift from an analogue to a digital media world, we decided to relaunch AVA as a 21st century channel that is shaped and influenced by content generated by the social media community,” said Tuomo Kulomaa, head of production at MTV Media. So the Astucemedia data platform manages channel bugs, headlines, uploaded pictures, tag lines, tweets and more from Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets, creating a viewer-driven channel branding. Orad 3Designer and 3DPlay handle the creation and delivery of the dynamic graphics themselves. Alongside viewer driven content and responses to themes like my favourite shoes or baking breads, the channel features contemporary graphics and branding, including channel bugs, promos and topic of the week elements, all generated in realtime from data-driven templates designed by Astucemedia’s creative services group. The Astucemedia platform and Orad graphics interface directly with the channel’s Harris ADC-100 playout automation which manages conventional programme delivery. “It was imperative for us that the end product has a dynamic, always updated, viewer-driven feeling from the channel logo to pictures during commercial breaks," said Kulomaa. “The combination of Astucemedia and Orad made it possible.”

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