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MTV Finland upgrades to Ikegami HD cameras

1 September 2011
MTV Finland upgrades to Ikegami HD cameras

A new upgrade project finds MTV in Finland replacing its SD cameras with Ikegami HDK-79EKIII HD cameras (with hybrid fibre cabling) in the M4 news and M1 sports studios. Once the upgrade is complete, each of the two studios will feature six of the Ikegami cameras with related CCUs.

In addition, the News studio will have one additional Ikegami HDL-51 remote-controlled camera for opening shots in news programmes.

Markku Ryöti, head of MTV TV technical planning & operations, highlighted the prioritisation of quality in selecting the Ikegami cameras. “We conducted thorough technical tests on all relevant cameras available in the market,” he noted. “We compared and analysed the features, technical specification and performance of all the cameras. It was interesting to realise that there are two distinguished performance categories for HD cameras today. We found that Ikegami was the top performer in all respects. Also. our experience of Ikegami cameras in the past as well as Ikegami’s devotion to broadcast cameras assured us that we would get a top quality and long lasting product. This in turn helps us attain the highest possible technical level in our flagship news and sports studio productions.”

The cameras were delivered in time and on schedule by Ikegami’s local distributor Mediatrade Oy. Studio refurbishment will be completed by the end of summer 2011, with the new Ikegami cameras completing the transition to HD of MTV’s studio production equipment.

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