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MTV Europe Music Awards lit up by XL Video

21 November 2014
MTV Europe Music Awards lit up by XL Video

XL Video has provided LED screens and a projection system for the MTV EMA 2014 staged in the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, and presented by Nicki Minaj.

The circular main stage in the venue featured a backdrop of LED surrounded by a series of curved metal ribs to form a vortex style structure inspired by the show’s ‘Time Machine’ theme. A thin curved catwalk extended into the audience and an award presentation area and glamour pit faced the main performance stage.

XL’s crew was led by project manager Guido Ruysschaert, and the event was his 20th MTV EMAs. He commented: “The EMAs, as always, was another fantastic collaboration between all technical and production departments, disciplines and suppliers. Many of us have worked together for some years on this much anticipated show, and a real rapport of what everyone has to do and how ‘the bigger picture’ fits together is absolutely essential as we are all under intense pressure. This and a serious amount of talent and experience all combines to produce world-class results every year”.

A total of 170sqm of XL’s ROE Visual MC-7T LED screen was utilised. A 16m x 11m high section was positioned at the back of the main stage supported by a custom-built Stageco structure.

XL Video MTV EMAs2_482Upstage centre on the presentation stage was a surface of ROE Visual MC-18T Hybrid LED which opened to allow presenter and performer access, and about a metre behind this, a small circular surface of MC-7T. This screen ‘covered’ the gap and was lined up exactly to fit into the back aperture of the vortex. This small screen could also be blended in when content was run over the entire LED surface area, and a small hole was made in its centre to secrete a laser device.

Video projection onto four special transparent fabric strips stretched between the metal ribs and running along the length of the vortex was fed by three double stacked pairs of Barco HDF-W26 projectors flown on a front truss.

By far the most challenging video component for XL to install, it reports, were the 8500 or so Barco FLX 24 pixel strings – comprising individual pixels – which were fitted into the metal hoops encircling the vortex. This detailed task had to be done using cherry pickers and very patient crew!

Images: Richard Burford/XL Video

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